Surfing Animals Club by Nadine Roeder

Welcome to the wonderful world of the SURFING ANIMALS CLUB


The SURFING ANIMALS CLUB is a surf club and surf school which was founded by two best pals, Gaston, the duck, and Philippe, the fox.

They teach their students all they need to know about surfing, for example, how waves originate or why currents can be dangerous in the sea. There is never a dull moment with their surfing students because there is always something exciting going on, regardless of whether it is a common surf session, a camping or hiking adventure, or just cozy evenings at the campfire.

The members of the SURFING ANIMALS CLUB are the main characters in a series of books, a comic strip and animated shorts by German illustrator and author Nadine Roeder, originally published in Germany. The surfing friends live in idyllic Duckfornia, close to the sea, where they have a lot of fun thanks to their carefree and adventurous life. Their central meeting place is the Beach Club.

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